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Dedicated Support


Caching and Load Balancing

Initial configurations of zero, Advanced and / or Expert (of all kinds) in Dedicated Servers, Cloud and VPS such as; Installations, Updates, Optimizations, Migrations, Backups, Consulting, Monitoring, Load balancing, DNS, WHM / cPanel, VestaCP, ISPConfig, Plesk, CyberPanel, DirectAdmin, Webmin, Redirects, Security, Wordpress, Protection Anti Dos, DDoS, Slowloris Attacks, Flooding attack among others such as Virtualizations, Billing Management for Hosting companies, PBX Centrals and more.

We offer ourselves as System Administrator to install and configure your Web Server, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated, Mount VPS / Virtualize on Dedicated Servers and any other service on Linux, Mac or Windows.


We configure your servers for an accessible price in a balance between individuals and companies, we also offer you free advice and options to subscribe to monthly maintenance to keep your environments up to date. We handle all kinds of Servers, Distributions and Systems.


We handle any type of migration depending on its nature among the best known as; Migrations from Subdomains to Domains and Vice Versa, Migration from one Hosting to the other, from one Server to another, from Shared Hosting to Server, from Reseller to Reseller, it does not matter if it is an instance, an account as a service or a Server.

Load Balancing

MySQL / MariaDB at 800% CPU? Very large & heavy database? Apache / Nginx at 500% CPU? We install and configure load balancers to reduce the consumption of these resources as much as possible, replicate the information and have a guarantee of high availability according to the available server resources according to your needs.

DMCA & Warez

We configure servers (and accounts as a service in Shared Accommodation) to completely hide or guarantee the privacy of your identity for a long time and in this way avoid situations related to disallowed content.


They usually bother you too much, right? We can guarantee you greater security and better stability with our knowledge complying with the best practices and leaving a good PCI exemplary with the handling of the different types of most known attacks such as DoS, DDoS, Slow, Flood, Spam, among others, as well as also implementing measures to prevent your projects from being violated.


We configure your billing systems for Web Hosting and related among them the best known such as BoxBilling, Hostbill, WHMCS among others.

Uncontrolled traffic?

It is our leisure to optimize and manage servers that have a large volume of visitors so you can trust and count on us for this type of work.